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Place your succulents in a well-light area as they tend to require 4-6 hours of sunlight each day. You should also rotate your succulents frequently as they tend to lean towards the Sun due to constant exposure on one side. This will allow them to stand up straight without causing unwanted bending.


Your succulents have highly adapted to live in hot climates and have impressive root systems to allow them to soak up as much water as they can. They store the absorbed water in their fleshy leaves and stems to survive in drought conditions. It is crucial to not overwater your succulents as they will absorb as much water as they can, which can lead to the bloating of leaves and stems. When overwatered, they bloat up in the likeliness of water balloons which causes bursting of cell structures, resulting in rotting leaves and roots. The leaves would start to have a yellow-ish discolouration and feel soggy to the touch and fall off easily.

When underwatered, water stored in the leaves and stems are used up which can help the plants last at least a month in drought conditions. As the water resources are being used up, dry leaves can occur which are softer to the touch than when fully hydrated, wrinkles will also appear on the skin and the leaves will look droopy with sagging tips.

This should not be confused with dying old leaves that are always lower leaves at the bottom of the plant. Instead of wrinkly leaves, they appear brown and thin out and feel very dry and crispy when touched. These dead old leaves will eventually be dropped or it can be removed to keep the aesthetic touch of the succulents.

REMEMBER!! It is better to revive an underwatered succulent than an overwatered succulent!!


Watering Technique

Succulents are generally home to areas where the soil drains quickly with the occasional heavy rain. Pots with drainage holes can mimic this environment, promoting a healthy root system that can withstand long periods of drought. Pots with no drainage holes will retain water in the pot which can produce a weak root system as the succulent will have a constant water source. To counter this, use the “soak and dry” method, where you soak the soil completely and only water again once the soil has dried out completely from the top to the bottom of the pot. Most indoor succulent growers found that 10-14 days is a good watering frequency to keep their succulents alive. It is also important to water the soil directly and not mist the succulent as residual water on the top of the leaves can promote rotting.   

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